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4 Fitzpatrick's color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology / Klaus Wolff, Richard Allen Johnson, Dick Suurmond. WR17/F5594/2005
4 Current therapy in neurologic disease / edited by Richard T. Johnson, John W. Griffin and Justin C. McArthur. WL300/C9761/2006
4 Clinical ophthalmology : a systematic approach / Jack J. Kanski ; photographers, Irina Gout, Kulwant Sehmi, Anne Bolton ; artists, Terry R. Tarrant, Phil Sidaway. WW140/K16c/2007
3 Assessment of skeletal maturity and prediction of adult height (TW3 method) / J.M. Tanner ... [et al.]. WS16/A846/2001
3 Basic and clinical science course, 2005-2006. WW100/B311/2005
3 Basic and clinical science course, 2005-2006. WW100/B311/2005
3 Miller's anesthesia / edited by Ronald D. Miller ; atlas of regional anesthesia procedures illustrated by Gwenn Afton-Bird. WO200/M651/2005
3 Principles of exercise testing and interpretation : including pathophysiology and clinical applications / Karlman Wasserman ... [et al.]. WG141.5.F9/P957/2005
3 Pathology of the lungs / Bryan Corrin, Andrew G. Nicholson ; contributor, Margaret M. Burke. WF600/C825p/2006
3 The ICU book / Paul L. Marino ; with contributions from Kenneth M. Sutin ; illustrations by Patricia Gast. WX218/M3395i/2007
3 Pediatric cardiology for practitioners / Myung K. Park. WS290/P235p/2008
3 Mechanical ventilation / [edited by] Neil R. MacIntyre, Richard D. Branson. WF26/M4861/2009
3 Scott-Brown's otolaryngology, head and neck surgery / edited by Michael Gleeson. WV100/S43131/2008
2 Principles and practice of panoramic radiology : including intraoral radiographic interpretation / Olaf E. Langland, Robert P. Langlais, Charles R. Morris WN230/L282p/
2 Culture of animal cells : a manual of basic technique / R. Ian Freshney QH585/F885c/
2 Mastery of plastic and reconstructive surgery / edited by Mimis Cohen ; foreword by Robert M. Goldwyn WO600/M423/1994
2 Mastery of plastic and reconstructive surgery / edited by Mimis Cohen ; foreword by Robert M. Goldwyn WO600/M423/1994
2 Review of ophthalmology : a question and answer book / (edited by) Kenneth C. Chern, Kenneth W. Wright WW18.2/R453/1997
2 Functional movement reeducation : a contemporary model for stroke rehabilitation / Susan Ryerson, Kathryn Levit WL355/R993f/1997
2 Bone tumors / Howard D. Dorfman, Bogdan Czerniak WE258/D695b/1997
2 Ophthalmology : PreTest self-assessment and review / edited by H. Jay Wisnicki WW18.2/O61/1997
2 Review manual for neurology in clinical practice, third edition / Karl E. Misulis ; edited by Walter G. Bradley, Robert B. Daroff, Gerald M. Fenichel. WL18.2/M678r/2000
2 Thoracic imaging : case review / Phillip M. Boiselle, Theresa C. McLoud. WF975/B628t/2001
2 Color atlas and synopsis of clinical dermatology : common and serious diseases / Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, Richard Allen Johnson, Klaus Wolff ; contributing author, Dick Suurmond. WR17/F559c/2001
2 Contemporary orthodontics / William R. Proffit with Henry W. Fields, Jr. ... [et al.]. WU400/P964c/2000
2 Contemporary fixed prosthodontics / Stephen F. Rosenstiel, Martin F. Land, Junhei Fujimoto ; artwork by Donald O'Connor, Sue E. Cottrill, Kerrie Marzo ; photographic services by James Cockerill. WU515/R815c/2001
2 Human airway inflammation : sampling techniques and analytical protocols / edited by Duncan F. Rogers and Louise E. Donnelly. WF553/H918/2001
2 Exercise testing and interpretation : a practical guide / Christopher B. Cooper, Thomas W. Storer. WG141.5.F9/C66e/2001
2 Diagnosis and treatment of movement impairment syndromes / Shirley A. Sahrmann. WL390/S35d/2002
2 Atlas of cosmetic surgery / [edited by] Michael S. Kaminer, Jeffrey S. Dover, Kenneth A. Arndt. WO517/A879/2002
2 Rhinoplasty : an atlas of surgical techniques : with 295 color figures in 1420 parts and a clinical DVD / Rollin K. Daniel. WV17/D184r/2002
2 Mosby's manual of diagnostic and laboratory tests / Kathleen Deska Pagana, Timothy J. Pagana. QY39/P128m/2002
2 Chassin's operative strategy in general surgery : an expositive atlas / Carol E.H. Scott-Conner. WO517/S425c/2002
2 Epithelial cell culture protocols / edited by Clare Wise. QS525/E64/2002
2 Clinical ophthalmology : a test yourself atlas / Jack J. Kanski, Ken K. Nischal ; radiographs and scans courtesy of Sabour Ghiacy. WW18.2/K16c/1995
2 Neuroanatomy through clinical cases / Hal Blumenfeld. WL141/B658n/2002
2 Economic evaluation in health care : merging theory with practice / Michael Drummond, Alistair McGuire. W74/E1728/2001
2 Essentials of mechanical ventilation / Dean R. Hess, Robert M. Kacmarek ; foreword by Martin J. Tobin. WB342/H586e/2002
2 Blackwell's underground clinical vignettes. Neurology / Vikas Bhushan ... [et al.]. WL18.2/B632/2002
2 Brain : 100 top diagnoses / Anne G. Osborn, Susan I. Blaser, Karen L. Salzman. WL39/O81b/2002
2 Imaging of the pancreas : cystic and rare tumors / C. Procacci, A.J. Megibow (eds.) ; with contributions by C. Bassi ... [et al.] ; foreword by A.L. Baert. WI810/I31/2003
2 Chest : top 100 diagnoses / Jud W. Gurney, Helen T Winer-Muram WF141/G981c/2003
2 Color atlas of dermatology / Gary White. WR17/W584L/2004
2 Ophthalmology pearls / Janice A. Gault. WW18.2/G271o/2003
2 Microarray bioinformatics / Dov Stekel. QZ26.5/S823m/2003
2 Atlas of orthopaedic surgery : a multimedia reference / editors, Kenneth J. Koval, Joseph D. Zuckerman. WE17/A880635/2004
2 Nuclear medicine physics : the basics / Ramesh Chandra. WN110/C457n/2004
2 Essentials of autopsy practice : recent advances, topics and developments / Guy N. Rutty (Ed). QZ35/E782/2004
2 Sonography : introduction to normal structure and function / Reva Arnez Curry, Betty Bates Tempkin. WN208/C976s/2004
2 Vander's renal physiology / Douglas Eaton, John Pooler, Arthur J. Vander. WJ301/E14v/2004
2 Orbit : examination, diagnosis, microsurgery, pathology / edited by Jose V.P. Moreiras and Ma. Consuelo Prada. WW202/O644/2004
2 Eye pathology : an atlas and basic text / Ralph C. Eagle, Jr WW17/E109e/1999
2 Thoracic radiology / Theresa C. McLoud WF975/M478t/1998
2 Diagnostic imaging. Brain / [edited by] Anne G. Osborn ... [et al.]. WL141/D5347/2004
2 Grant's atlas of anatomy / Anne M.R. Agur, Arthur F. Dalley II. QS17/A284g/2005
2 Autopsy pathology : a manual and atlas / Walter E. Finkbeiner, Philip C. Ursell, Richard L. Davis. QZ35/F499a/2004
2 Atlas optical coherence tomography of macular diseases / [editors,] Vishali Gupta, Amod Gupta, Mangat R. Dogra. WW17/A8819/2004
2 The essential guide to herbal safety / [edited by] Simon Mills, Kerry Bone. WB925/E78/2005
2 Pediatric dentistry : infancy through adolescence / Jimmy R. Pinkham ... [et al.]. WU480/P36985/2005
2 Handbook of gastroenterology / editor, Tadataka Yamada ; special editors, William L. Hasler, John M. Inadomi ; assistant special editors, Michelle A. Anderson, Robert S. Brown, Jr. WI39/H2362/2005
2 Basic and clinical science course, 2005-2006. WW100/B311/2005
2 Cornea / edited by Jay H. Krachmer, Mark J. Mannis, Edward J. Holland. WW220/C8132/2005
2 Smolin and Thoft's the cornea : scientific foundations and clinical practice. / editors, C. Stephen Foster, Dimitri T. Azar, Claes H. Dohlman. WW220/S666/2005
2 Normal lymph node topography : CT atlas / E. Richter, T. Feyerabend ; foreword by W. Bohndorf. WH17/R535n/2004
2 Diagnostic atlas of renal pathology : a companion to Brenner & Rector's the Kidney, 7th ed. / Agnes B. Fogo, Michael Kashgarian. WJ300/F656d/2005
2 Pediatric orthopaedics : core knowledge in orthopaedics / [edited by] John P. Dormans. WS270/P3715/2005
2 Mosby's handbook of herbs & natural supplements / Linda Skidmore-Roth. WB925/S58h/2006
2 Handbook of psychiatric drug therapy / Jerrold F. Rosenbaum ... [et al.]. WM402/H236/2005
2 Neurosurgery of complex vascular lesions and tumors / editor, Shigeaki Kobayashi ; assistant editor, Keiichi Sakai. WL368/N4947/2005
2 Handbook of kidney transplantation / edited by Gabriel M. Danovitch. WJ368/H236/2005
2 Gonioscopy : a text and atlas / Tanuj Dada WW17/D121g/2006
2 Fundamentals of body CT / W. Richard Webb, William E. Brant, Nancy M. Major. WN160/W368f/2006
2 A visual field evaluation with automated devices / GR Reddy. WW145/R313v/2006
2 Braunwald's heart disease : review and assessment / [edited by] Leonard S. Lilly. WG18.2/B825/2006
2 Lovell and Winter's pediatric orthopaedics / editors, Raymond T. Morrissy, Stuart L. Weinstein. WS270/L911/2006
2 Neurology for the boards / James D. Geyer ... [et al.]. WL140/G397n/2006
2 Clinical problems in pediatric urology / edited by Prasad Godbole, John P. Gearhart, Duncan T. Wilcox. WS18.2/C6412/2006
2 Plastic surgery : facts / Christopher Stone. WO600/S764p/2006
2 Diagnostic and surgical imaging anatomy. Brain, head & neck, spine / H. Ric Harnsberger ... [et al.] ; managing editor, André J. Macdonald. WL17/D536/2006
2 Molecular biology of the cell / Bruce Alberts ... [et al.]. QH581.2/M718/1989
2 Carranza's clinical periodontology / [edited by] Michael G. Newman, Henry H. Takei, Perry R. Klokkevold ; editor emeritus, Fermin A. Carranza. WU240/C641/2006
2 AJCC cancer staging atlas / American Joint Committee on Cancer ; editors, Frederick L. Greene ... [et al.]. QZ17/A312/2006
2 Practice of pediatric orthopedics / Lynn T. Staheli. WS270/S781p/2006
2 Clinical sonography : a practical guide / [edited by] Roger C. Sanders, Thomas C. Winter III ; with Sarah M. Baker ... [et al.]. WN208/C6405/2007
2 Current diagnosis & treatment in neurology/ edited by John C. M. Brust WL100/C9765/2007
2 The desktop guide to complementary and alternative medicine : an evidence-based approach / editors, Edzard Ernst, Max H. Pittler, Barbara Wider ; assistant editor, Kate Boddy ; forewords by David Eisenberg, Brian M. Berman. WB890/D459/2006
2 The MD Anderson manual of medical oncology / Hagop M. Kantarjian, Robert A. Wolff, Charles A. Koller. QZ200/K175m/2006
2 Wintrobe's atlas of clinical hematology / editors, Douglas C. Tkachuk, Jan V. Hirschmann. WH17/W794/2007
2 Russell and Rubinstein's pathology of tumors of the nervous system. QZ380/R961/2006
2 150 practice ECGs : interpretation and review / George J. Taylor. WG18.2/T241z/2006
2 Imaging of carotid artery stenosis / Bernhard Schaller (ed.). WL355/I315/2007
2 Physical therapy of cerebral palsy / [edited by] Freeman Miller ; illustrations by Erin Browne. WS342/P578/2007
2 Reading statistics and research. QA276/H788/2008
2 Neuroscience : fundamentals for rehabilitation / Laurie Lundy-Ekman. WL102/L962n/2007
2 Obstetrics : normal and problem pregnancies / [edited by] Steven G. Gabbe, Jennifer R. Niebyl, Joe Leigh Simpson ; associate editors, Henry Galan ... [et al.]. WQ100/O165/2007
2 Cardiopulmonary anatomy & physiology : essentials for respiratory care / Terry Des Jardins. WF101/D441c/2008
2 Current diagnosis & treatment in otolaryngology : head & neck surgery / by edited Anil Lalwani. WV150/C976/2008
2 Essential emergency procedures / editor-in-chief, Kaushal Shah ; associate editor, Chilembwe Mason. WB39/E769/2008
2 Mechanical ventilation : clinical applications and pathophysiology / [edited by] Peter J. Papadakos, Burkhard Lachmann ; editorial assistant, Laraine Visser-Isles. WF145/M485/2008
2 The Wills eye manual : office and emergency room diagnosis and treatment of eye disease. WW18.2/W741/2008
2 Principles and practice of ophthalmology / edited by Daniel M. Albert and Frederick A. Jakobiec. WW100/P9572/2008
2 Principles and practice of ophthalmology / edited by Daniel M. Albert and Frederick A. Jakobiec. WW100/P9572/2008
2 Molecular biology of the cell / Bruce Alberts ... [et al.]. QH581.2/M718/2008
2 Tumors of the central nervous system. Peter C. Burger QZ200/U64a/
2 Samii's essentials in neurosurgery / Ricardo Ramina, Paulo Henrique Pires Aguiar, Marcos Tatagiba, editors. WL368/S1883/2008
2 Clinical decisions in pediatric nephrology : a problem-solving approach to clinical cases / Farahnak Assadi. WJ18.2/A844C/2008
2 Pediatric uroradiology / R. Fotter (ed.) ; with contributions by F.E. Avni ... [et al.] ; foreword by A.L. Baert. WS320/P3758/2008
2 DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg's cancer : principles & practice of oncology / editors, Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., Theodore S. Lawrence, Steven A. Rosenberg ; associate scientific advisors, Robert A. Weinberg, Ronald A. DePinho ; with 421 contributing authors. QZ200/C21537/2008
2 ACLS essentials : basics and more / Kim McKenna. WG205/M155/2008
2 ACSM's resource manual for Guidelines for exercise testing and prescription / American College of Sports Medicine ; [Leonard A. Kaminsky ... et al., editors]. WE103/A5125g/2006
2 Cognitive neuroscience : the biology of the mind / Michael S. Gazzaniga, Richard B. Ivry, George R. Mangun ; with Megan S. Steven. WL300/G291c/2009
2 Core topics in cardiothoracic critical care / edited by Andrew Klein, Alain Vuylsteke, Samer A.M. Nashef. WG166/C797/2008
2 Interpretation of emergency head CT : a practical handbook / Erskine J. Holmes, Anna C. Forest-Hay, Rakesh R. Misra ; editor, R. R. Misra. WL141/H749i/2008
2 The Johns Hopkins ABSITE review manual / editors, Susanna M. Nazarian, Robert A. Meguid, Pamela A. Lipsett. WO18.2/J657/2009
2 Manual physical therapy of the spine / Kenneth A. Olson. WE725/O52m/2009
2 Scott-Brown's otolaryngology, head and neck surgery / edited by Michael Gleeson. WV100/S43131/2008
2 International dietetics and nutrition terminology (IDNT) reference manual : standardized language for the nutrition care process. WB400/I58/2009
2 Smart nursing : how to create a positive work environment that empowers and retains nurses / June Fabre. WY105/F123s/2005
1 GLC and HPLC determination of therapeutic agents / edited by Kiyoshi Tsuji, Walter Morozowich QV25/G553/1979
1 The diagnosis of stupor and coma / Fred Plum, Jerome B. Posner WB182/P734d/1980
1 EEG technology / R. Cooper, J.W. Osselton, J.C. Shaw WL150/C778e/1980
1 The megaloblastic anaemias / I. Chanarin WH165/C454m/1979
1 Hemostasis and thrombosis / edited by E.J. Walter Bowie and A.A. Sharp WH310/H4892/1985
1 Clinical electroencephalography and topographic brain mapping : technology and practice / Frank H. Duffy, Vasudeva G. Iyer, Walter W. Surwillo WL150/D858c/1989
1 Oxygen transport in the critically ill / (edited by) James V. Snyder ; associate editor, Michael R. Pinsley QV312/O975/1987
1 Maps and guide to microdissection of the rat brain / Miklos Palkovits, Michael J. Brownstein QL933/P163m/1988
1 Maps and guide to microdissection of the rat brain / Miklos Palkovits, Michael J. Brownstein QL933/P163m/1988
1 12 lead ECG interpretation : the self-assessment approach / Zainul Abedin, Robert P. Conner WG18/A138/1989
1 Pediatric dermatology and dermatopathology I : a text and atlas / Ruggero Caputo, A. Bernard Ackerman, Evita Q. Sison-Torre ; with the assistance of Inder Dhillon, Eric Hirsch, Susana Tang WS260/P3715/1990
1 Surgical anatomy of the ear and temporal bone / Bruce Proctor WV201/P964s/1989
1 Radionuclides in nephro-urology / 7th International Symposium on Radionuclides in Nephro-urology, Williamsburg, Va., May 7-10, 1989 ; volume editors, M. Donald Blaufox, Norman K. Hollenberg, Claude Raynaud WJ302/I615r/1990
1 Geriatric emergency medicine / Gideon Bosker, editor-in-chief ; George R. Schwartz, editor ; Jeffrey S. Jones, editor ; Michael Sequeira, associate editor WB105/G3694/1990
1 Rehabilitation of the adult and child with traumatic brain injury / (edited by) Mitchell Rosenthal ... (et al.) ; foreword by Bryan Jennett WE706/R3445/1990
1 Endoscopic surgery of the paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base / Malte Erik Wigand ; with the collaboration of W. Hosemann and contributions by M. Brandl and M. Weidenbecher ; translated by P.M. Stell ; foreword by David W. Kennedy WV340/W654e/1990
1 The nucleus of cardiac diagnosis : electrocardiography and chest X ray / William A. Schiavone WG141/S329n/1990
1 Normal lymph node topography : a CT-atlas / E. Richter, T. Feyerabend ; foreword by W. Bohndorf WH17/R535n/1990
1 Histochemical and immunohistochemical techniques : applications to pharmacology and toxicology / (edited by) John Baker, Peter Bach QS525/H6725/1991
1 The megaloblastic anaemias / I. Chanarin WH165/C454m/1990
1 Fingertip and nailbed injuries / edited by Guy Foucher ; foreword by J. William Littler WE835/F497/1991
1 Nutrition management of the cancer patient / edited by Abby S. Bloch QZ266/N9754/1990
1 Intraocular tumors : a text and atlas / Jerry A. Shields, Carol L. Shields WW149/S5545i/1992
1 The coroner's autopsy : a guide to non-criminal autopsies for the general pathologist / Bernard Knight QZ35/K69c/
1 The Hand, examination and diagnosis / American Society for Surgery of the Hand WE830/H2308/1983
1 Cariology today / International Congress in Honour of Professor Dr. Hans-R. M WU270/C2765/1983
1 Writing a scientific paper and speaking at scientific meetings / (by) Vernon Booth T11/B725/
1 Atlas of human limb joints / Jacques Guyot ; (translated from the French by Reginald A. Elson WE17/G989a/1981
1 Color atlas of microsurgery / edited by Sun Lee WO512/C722/1993
1 Glial-neuronal interaction / edited by N.J. Abbott WL102/G55875/
1 Ultrasound diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease : Doppler sonography of the extra- and intracranial arteries duplex scanning / Gerhard-Michael von Reutern, Hans Joachim von B WL355/R447u/1993
1 Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging of head and neck tumors : methods, guidelines, differential diagnoses, and clinical results / Martin Lenz ; translated by Clifford Bergman WE707/L575c/1993
1 Diagnostic neuroradiology / Anne G. Osborn ; illustrated by Julian Maack WL141/O81d/1994
1 Dynamic radiology of the abdomen : normal and pathologic anatomy / Morton A. Meyers WI900/M613d/1994
1 Gonioscopy and the glaucomas / Barry M. Fisch WW290/F528g/1993
1 Electrocardiography of tachycardias : diagnosis from the 12 lead ECG / Niraj Varma and Vassilios P. Vassilikos ; foreword by Anthony W. Nathan WG330/V316e/1993
1 Cancer chemotherapy and biotherapy : a reference guide / Linda Tenenbaum WY156/T292c/1994
1 Color atlas of muscle pathology / (by) W. J. K. Cumming...(et al. WE17/C971c/1994
1 Brunnstrom's movement therapy in hemiplegia : Kathryn A. Sawner, Jeanne M. LaVignea neurophysiological approach. WL355/S271b/1992
1 Handbook of oncology nursing / edited by Jody Gross, Bonny Libbey Johnson WY39/H236/1994
1 Pediatric physical therapy / {edi}{ted}{ by} Jan Stephen Tecklin ; with 14 contributors WB460/P371/1994
1 Basic and clinical aspects of pulmonary fibrosis / edited by Tamotsu Takishima ;section editors, Kohei Yamauchi, Sanae Shimura WF600/B311/1994
1 The arterial anatomy of skin flaps / George C. Cormack, B. George H. Lamberty WO610/C811a/1994
1 MRI of the eye and orbit / edited by Patrick De Potter, Jerry A. Shields, Carol L. Shields ; with 3 additional contributors WW17/M939/1995
1 Pediatric dermatology and dermatopathology III : a text and atlas / Ruggero Caputo, A. Bernard Ackerman, Evita Q. Sison-Torre ; with the assistance of Inder Dhillon, Eric Hirsch, Susana Tang WS260/P3715/1995
1 Dural arteriovenous malformations / edited by Issam A. Awad and Daniel L. Barrow ; AANS Publications Committee WL355/D947/1993
1 Essentials of ultrasonography : a practical guide / Dirk Pickuth, in collaboration with Christella A. Grover, M. Chiara Bossi, Rajendra P. Kedar ; with forewords by V.R. McCready, G. van Kaick, U. Veronesi WN208/P597e/1995
1 Molecular genetics of human inherited disease / edited by Duncan J. Shaw QZ50/M7186/1995
1 Head and neck imaging / edited by Peter M. Som, Hugh D. Curtin WE705/H43031/1996
1 Invasive ultrasound / edited by William R. Lees, Edward A. Lyons WN208/I62/1996
1 Differential diagnosis in computed tomography / Francis A. Burgener, Martti Kormano ; foreword by Albert L. Baert ; in collaboration with Patrick J. Fultz ... (et al. WN17/B954d/1996
1 Annals of periodontology / the American Academy of Periodontology WU240/A613/1996
1 Orbital surgery : a conceptual approach / Jack Rootman, Bruce Stewart, Robert Alan Goldberg WW202/R783o/1995
1 Ultrasound of the prostate : imaging in the diagnosis and therapy of prostatic disease / Matthew D. Rifkin and contributors WJ752/R564u/1997
1 Management of temporomandibular joint degenerative diseases : biologic basis and treatment outcome / edited by B. Stegenga, L.G.M. de Bont WU140.5/M266/1996
1 Comprehensive psychiatric nursing / Judith Haber ... (et al.) WY160/C737/1997
1 Molecular diagnosis of genetic diseases / edited by Rob Elles QZ50/M71835/1996
1 Reconstructive surgery : principles, anatomy & technique / Stephen J. Mathes, Foad Nahai ; illustrators, Scott Thorn Barrows, with the assistance of Craig Kiefer ... (et al.) ; photographer, Lester P. Robertson WO610/M427r/1997
1 Reconstructive surgery : principles, anatomy & technique / Stephen J. Mathes, Foad Nahai ; illustrators, Scott Thorn Barrows, with the assistance of Craig Kiefer ... (et al.) ; photographer, Lester P. Robertson WO610/M427r/1997
1 Differential diagnosis of arrhythmias / Dale Davis WG330/D261d/1997
1 Surgical pediatric otolaryngology / edited by William P. Potsic, Robin T. Cotton, Steven D. Handler WV17/S962/1997
1 Neuropathology : the diagnostic approach / editor, Julio H. Garcia ; associate editors, Herbert Budka ... (et al. WL141/N4934/1997
1 Color atlas and textbook of diagnostic microbiology / Elmer W. Koneman ... (et al. QW25/C719/1997
1 Dental enamel / (editors: Derek Chadwick and Gail Cardew) WU220/D4123/1997
1 Therapeutic endoscopy : color atlas of operative techniques for the gastrointestinal tract / Nib Soehendra ... (et al.) ; translated by Kenneth F. Binmoeller ; 551 color illustrations by Franziska von Aspern WI17/S681t/1998
1 Fluoride in dentistry / edited by Ole Fejerskov, Jan Ekstrand, Brian A. Burt QV50/F646/1996
1 The ICU book / Paul L. Marino WX218/M3395i/1998
1 Essentials of nuclear medicine imaging / Fred A. Mettler, Jr., Milton J. Guiberteau WN445/M595e/1998
1 Metabolic bone disease and clinically related disorders / edited by Louis V. Avioli, Stephen M. Krane WE225/M587/
1 An Illustrated guide to Bone marrow diagnosis / Kevin Gatter, David Brown WH380/G258i/1997
1 Pediatric radiology : the requisites / Hans Blickman WN240/B648p/
1 Phacoemulsification : principles and techniques / edited by Lucio Buratto WW260/P53195/1998
1 Surgery on call / edited by Leonard G. Gomella, Alan T. Lefor WO39/S9596/1996
1 Visual fields / David B. Henson. WW145/H526v/2000
1 Practical differential diagnosis in surgical neuropathology / by Richard A. Prayson and Mark L. Cohen. WL140/P921p/2000
1 Pathology and genetics of tumours of the nervous system / edited by Paul Kleihues, Webster K. Cavenee. WL160/P298/2000
1 Peripheral neurology : case studies in electrodiagnosis / Jay Allan Liveson ; illustrations by Hugh Thomas. WL500/L785p/2000
1 Diagnostic nuclear medicine update / C. Schiepers (ed.) ; with contributions by W. Becker ... [et al.]. WN440/D536/2000
1 The 5-minute orthopaedic consult / editor, Paul D. Sponseller ; associate editors, James F. Wenz, Frank J. Frassica. WE39/Z999/2001
1 Upper motor neurone syndrome and spasticity : clinical management and neurophysiology / edited by Michael P. Barnes and Garth R. Johnson. WE550/U687/2000
1 Differential diagnosis mnemonics / Thomas J. Donnelly, Christopher C. Giza. WB15/D685d/2000
1 Diagnostic pathology of parasitic infections with clinical correlations / Yezid Gutierrez. WC695/G984d/2000
1 Principles and practice of psychiatric nursing / Gail W. Stuart, Michele T. Laraia. WY160/P957/2001
1 宇宙科學100 / Newton Press原著 ;李怡瑩譯 320/8452/1999
1 Handbook of patient care in vascular diseases / John W. Hallett, Jr., David C. Brewster, Todd E. Rasmussen. WG39/H186h/2001
1 Herbal therapy & supplements : a scientific & traditional approach / Merrily A. Kuhn, David Winston; text consultant, Ara DerMarderosian. WB39/K96h/2000
1 Handbook of Neurosurgery / Mark S. Greenberg. WL39/G789h/2001
1 New Oxford textbook of psychiatry / edited by Michael G. Gelder, Juan J. L'opez-Ibor, and Nancy Andreasen. WM100/N5259/2000
1 New Oxford textbook of psychiatry / edited by Michael G. Gelder, Juan J. L'opez-Ibor, and Nancy Andreasen. WM100/N5259/2000
1 Nail surgery : a text and atlas / editors, Edward Krull ... [et al.]. WR475/N1557/2000
1 Ophthalmic and facial plastic surgery : a compendium of reconstructive and aesthetic techniques / Frank A. Nesi ... [et al.]. WW168/O602/2001
1 Prostatic diseases / [edited by] Herbert Lepor. WJ752/P9665/2000
1 Basic biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system / [edited by] Margareta Nordin, Victor H. Frankel. WE103/B311/2001
1 Surgical anatomy of the head and neck / edited by Parviz Janfaza ... [et al.] ; [illustrations by] Robert Galla. WE700/S961/2000
1 Pharmacology / H.P. Rang ... [et al.]. QV4/R196p/2001
1 Clinical cases in neurology / edited by A.V.H. Schapira and L.P. Rowland. WL140/C6399/2001
1 Essentials of cardiopulmonary physical therapy / [edited by] Ellen Hillegass, H. Steven Sadowsky. WG166/E78/2001
1 Dental implants : the art and science / edited by Charles A. Babbush. WU640/D4142/2001
1 Atlas of neuroanatomy : with systems organization and case correlations / Joseph J. Warner ; foreword by Martin A. Samuels. WL17/W282a/2001
1 Abdominal and general ultrasound / edited by David Cosgrove, Hylton Meire, Keith Dewbury ; assoicate editor, Pat Farrant ; foreword by Barry B. Goldberg. WI900/A13305/2001
1 Neuroscience / edited by Dale Purves ... [et al.]. WL102/N487/2001
1 Radiotherapy physics and equipment / Samantha Morris ; contribution by Andy Williams ; foreword by Angela Newing. WN150/M877r/2001
1 The Massachusetts General Hospital handbook of neurology / Alice Flaherty. WL39/F575m/2000
1 Tumors of the eye and ocular adnexa / Devron H. Char. WW149/C37t/2001
1 Radiologic science for technologists : physics, biology, and protection / Stewart C. Bushong. WN160/B979r/2001
1 Neuropathology : a guide for practising pathologists / S. Love, (ed.) ; contributors, M. Black ... [et al.]. WL140/N4938/2001
1 An atlas of osteoarthritis / Kenneth D. Brandt. WE17/B811a/2001
1 Atlas of phonomicrosurgery and other endolaryngeal procedures for benign and malignant disease / Steven M. Zeitels. WV17/Z48a/2001
1 Atlas of cardiac surgery / edited by William A. Baumgartner ... [et al.]. WG17/A8815/2000
1 Handbook of the biology of aging / editors, Edward J. Masoro and Steven N. Austad ; volume associate editors, Judith Campisi, George M. Martin, and Charles V. Mobbs. WT104/H2362/2001
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1 Basic and clinical science course, 2005-2006. WW100/B311/2005
1 Basic and clinical science course, 2005-2006. WW100/B311/2005
1 Basic and clinical science course, 2005-2006. WW100/B311/2005
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